It was as if a higher power came through the top of my head down through my fingertips into my client’s shoulder.  He took every day four pain killers for his headaches. After  the second  Reflexology/Acupressure session he was sitting on the massage table.. My fingers  stopped moving after thirty minutes.

I am still grateful to have received the  ‘GIFT of Healing’. This had happened 1998.

‘What on earth did you do that this area was so tense?” knowing  a major blockage of the Chi/Energy flow  was the cause for his headaches. “I had to hold up with my had a heavy plate to be able to fix something with his hands.” Five days later his wife cancelled the third session. He did not need anymore the painkillers.

Since then my fingertips find always  intuitively the area of an energy blockage after a concussion, a whiplash, or other injuries and remove it. It can be anywhere in head, neck, shoulders, hip, ankle, foot, knee, wrist, back, or areas of a surgery.

In Berlin my daughter knew a man on a Farmers Market who  had excruciating neck pain. ”Would you help him?”  I put my fingers on his neck, they started moving quickly and after less than five minutes he shouted “The pain is gone!  The pain is gone! I am healed!” Nearly four months later he was still pain free.

A client called after his session my GIFT of Healing  “BRAIN REJUVENATION”.

During a Health Fair in Nanaimo a man was sent to me by a lady who had tested him with a VEGA machine. He had a major energy blockage on one side of his head since he was 12.  A little statue had fallen on his head and had caused a light concussion. After a 25 minute session I sent him back to be tested again with the VEGA machine.  The effects of his concussion had improved by 170%. The lady with the VEGA machine is from Comox on Vancouver Island. She sent several clients to me when she was in Nanaimo or Port Alberni. She worried these blockages may cause one day a stroke.

One of my medical instructors, Dr. Mary A. Lynch, said 1999 during a Consegrity seminar in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, that in 40% of all strokes one could not find the cause. .

Cat Scans and MRIs are not able to detect energy blockages. Only when the impaired energy-flow  caused over time a visible problem, like clogged blood vessels, broken blood vessels, tumors, mini strokes or strokes and other physical damage.

Concussions, whiplash, accidents, trauma, head injuries, wrong posture and stress  cause an impediment in the energy/Chi flow.

My ‘Gift of Healing’ can be seen as hands-on Reconnective Healing® that releases stress and tension in the tissue.. It is also done without any techniques.


    • Concussions from whiplash or athletic activities
    • Harmful effects of cell phone/portable phone radiation
    • Seniors
    • Mini strokes, Strokes, Bell’s Palsy
    • Everybody exposed to stress & trauma
    • Hockey, Football, Soccer,  and Rugby Players
    • Sleep problems
    • Headaches, neck and shoulder tension

In my opinion it would be of benefit for  athletes who had injuries or concussions to get their head-neck-shoulder area checked from time to time. When there is nobody around who has this Gift then Acupuncture/Acupressure, Reflexology or distant Reconnective Healing® and other modalities that balance the Chi-flow.

From the ‘Keys of Enoch®’, Dr. J.J.Hurtak, chapter 314. 59, “Through a projection of Light … selected individuals can be reconnected with their Adam Kadmon … 61. Some individuals will receive an additional high frequency resonance transmission. … 62, This explains how paranormal gifts can be received…”.