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 Welcome to Anna Christine’s Holistic Health Centre, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island
Relax – Rejuvenate – Restore –  Enjoy!

ReconnectiveHealing® is a new and powerful healing modality. addressing the root cause of our health problems. It helps us to reach a state of balance (emotional, mental, spiritual and physical), wholeness and inner peace.  Distant sessions are as effective as sessions in my office.

Reflexology  is a 4000 year old method to affect especially physical but also emotional health.

JinShin-Acupressure is such an important healing modality because at the bottom of our physical health problems is often an emotion that was suppressed.

BRAIN REJUVENATION –  Anna Christine received this special ‘GIFT OF HEALING` that re-establishes the cell-to-cell communication in 2001.

CranioSacral Therapy can bring great results because all our nerves have a connection to the spine.

The significant difference between Reconnective Healing®,Reiki and QiGong is explained in the 2 min video below.


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Anna Christine Doehring’s Mission: “I assist people to release the stress, fear, anxiety, and emotional pain they carry in their hearts and bodies. Once released, healing can take place – allowing the kind of  life we were all meant to have – a life of Peace, Love, Harmony, Happiness, and Abundance.”


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