Dangers of Concussions – What to do

Recently I talked with a young soccer player who had already three concussions. I was very concerned. My advice was to stop with soccer because of the effects she might experience later in life … as impaired  cognitive and motor functions. Neurodegenerative . defects after retiring have been also found in football players. http://www.medpagetoday.com/CriticalCare/HeadTrauma/12623

This does not mean other sports are safe. It only means that the research was done so far with football players.

Not to mention the danger of strokes. One of my instructors Dr. Mary Lynch said during one of her seminars: “in 40% of all strokes one cannot find a reason for it” … this means in my opinion that there was an area in the brain where the energy-flow was impaired and that caused the stroke.

With the “gift” I have to detect and release  these energy blockages with my fingertips I can find them – or better my fingertips will find the blocked area

The folling paragraph is from http://www.brainline.org/content/2011/05/how-many-concussions-are-too-many-for-a-young-athlete.html

” …The first concussion puts her at risk for what is called “second impact syndrome,” in which the effects of the second brain injury are more magnified than they would have been had there been no first concussion. And a third Concussionsconcussion, should one occur with the cheerleading, would also have a great effect on the brain and increase her likelihood of having permanent problems….”

When you had a stroke or even several strokes I recommend to see a wholistic health practitioner who is able to remove imbalances in the brain. Not everybody has the “gift” I have but there are valuable healing modalities as Acupuncture and Reflexology that restore the balance in the brain.  There are for sure more but I do not know which ones  can really address this specific problem.

Anna Christine

PS.: Reconnective Healing is balancing all body systems

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Co-Enzyme CoQ10 – Is it really always effective?

Many know that CoQ10 is good for our health and our heart, but not everybody knows that there are natural and synthetic vitamins. All the research was according to the article  done with the natural CoQ10.

Here are 4 points you have to check before buying it

• Look for the words “trans-form” on the label. Trans-form CoQ10 is identical to the CoQ10 produced naturally within the body, and if you read all of the studies on CoQ10 like I have, you’ll notice every single researcher in the world worth his or her salt only uses trans-form CoQ10.
• Also check to see if the CoQ10 is made using yeast fermentation, which yields by far the most effective form. This is a patented process used by only the most reputable, higher quality producers of CoQ10.
• Seek out a supplement that contains piperine, an extract of black pepper. One problem with CoQ10 is that it’s not always well absorbed within the body. However, research shows that piperine significantly increases CoQ10 absorption by over 30%![7]
• Finally, make sure it says “Made in the USA” right on the bottle. Who needs CoQ10 bottled overseas in facilities of questionable integrity? It’s just not worth the risk.

The text is from a newsletter from www.DrPescatore.com that I got April 23. 2015. The title of the newsletter is “The Sinister Secret of CoQ10 and Statin Drugs”

In case you are interested and you want to buy it  … This is the link from the newsletter 

Anna Christine

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Release of Energy Blockages in the Neck

When I was in Berlin I had a really joyful experience with my ‘Gift’ of healing. We were at a farm market and my daughter asked me whether I would help a man who was selling flowers. She knew him and he had told her about his excruciating neck pain, that he had made an appointment with an Orthopedic doctor and that he was afraid he might need surgery. Massage had not helped him.

“Of course” I said and we went to him. With my fingertips I moved around on his neck and suddenly they moved very quickly. The guy looked surprised but did not believe at all in this alternative approach – his desperation allowed me to do it.

After a few minutes he suddenly  shouted to his customers  “The pain is gone, the pain is gone” (“es tut nicht mehr weh, es tut nicht mehr weh”) … Standing behind him I could not see his face, but my daughter could … He was totally surprised and kept telling everybody who walked by about the sudden disappearance of his neck pain.

I was there several months and whenever I saw him I asked “Is your neck still ok?” and his answer was yes – even 3 months later.

This “Gift ” I have is in my opinion  hands-on Reconnective Healing because no technique is used, no visualization, no giving of any command. … it seems as if the various forms of energies of the Source/the Zero Point Field are just coming through when my fingertips are on the right spot.

Amma Christine

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How to Overcome the Subconscious Cause of our Health Problems

Dr R G Hamer MD was surprised to find out that actually debilitating chronic ‘diseases’ could be caused by emotional trauma (like the sudden death of a family member or other losses), the inability to forgive (anger),  acute emotional conflicts,  constant subconscious fear, and others. He called his treatment “German New Medicine”.

I had to think of an American MD who asked his new cancer patients “what do you think caused your cancer?” and depending of their reaction he continued having them as patients.

It is often difficult to find the true subconscious root cause. Imagin – 95% of our brain activity happens subconsciously. Beside ‘German New Medicine” one can also chose Reconnective Healing® – It brings us back to an optimal state of balance – emotionally, mentally, spiritually and on a physical level.

It balances of course also  Chakras,  meridians, and the whole Chi-flow.

For more information or to find a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner™ & Reconnection Certified Practitioner™ in your area , when you do not like distant Reconnective Healing sessions,  go to Dr. Eric Pearl’s website www.TheReconnection.com 

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* German New Medicine *  will give you info about Dr. Hamer’s approach.

Anna Christine




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Who Choses a Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner®?

Some of Anna Christine clients

  • Want to  find inner peace
  • Want to let go of their inner anger and stress
  • Want lasting change on a physical, emotional, spiritual,  mental level or levels we are not aware of
  • Want to evolve on a spiritual level
  • Read the book ‘Reconnection – Heal Others Heal Yourself’ from Dr. Eric Pearl
  • Read the book ‘Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life’, from Sr. Eric Pearl and Frederick Ponzlov
  • Want to improve their eye-hand or foot-eye coordination for athletic performance

For more reasons why clients are chosing Reconnective Healing click HERE

Anna Christine

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